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NetSTAR URL database' No. 1 status in the domestic market* open up many business expansion possibilities

NetSTAR's URL database is No. 1 in the domestic market.* Being widely used from corporations to individuals, they can be used for many different types of business expansion in addition to security applications such as Web filtering and unwanted e-mail countermeasures.
*Source: 2006 Fuji Chimera Research Institute, "Package Solutions Marketing Handbook 2006."

Typical Usage Scenes

Use of URL database in UTM (United Threat Management) appliances, whose number is fast expanding

UTM appliances are the object of much attention as security materials for corporations. In addition to firewalls and virus countermeasures, unwanted e-mail countermeasures and/or Web filtering functions are commonly provided as additional functions.
Almost all UTM appliances are overseas products. In the case of products such as countermeasure functions against viruses, which are growing into increasingly common threads globally, products with overseas specifications can be introduced in the Japanese market as is. However, as cultures, laws, and Internet usage tendencies differ widely among countries, the failure of overseas URL database to meet the exacting requirement level of domestic users is a concern with regard to Web filtering functions.
In order to solve this, competition in the area of value-added functions implemented by using NetSTAR's well-established URL database instead of the URL database incorporated as standard in overseas products has increased greatly.
This approach increases the profitability of the appliance business as a whole.

Use in net advertising business

Web contents on the Internet are truly a mixture of good and bad. In order to raise the appeal power of advertisers wishing to narrow down their target, the use of URL database that consists of many sorted websites is effective for grasping the visual preferences of users.

Providing a safe net usage environment to our customers

We want to protect our customers from harmful sites on the Internet. In the case of NetSTAR's URL database, which explicitly sort out harmful sites, our free and charged customer services can be implemented in a short time.

Protecting minors

In the case of businesses that provide software or services for mobile phones or businesses related to game consoles with an Internet connection function, creating a system to protect minors from unsuitable sites is indispensable. NetSTAR's URL database is characterized by the peace of mind they confer due to the long track record they boast for filtering applications at schools and homes. Furthermore, their high coverage ratio for sites for mobile phones and their high sorting accuracy are attested to by their use by the major mobile phone carrier services.

Use for unwanted e-mail countermeasures

A new usage method for URL database with a solid track record for countermeasures for unwanted e-mail for mobile phones. Since the nature of an e-mail is judged by identifying the categories to which the URLs contained in the body of the e-mail belong, the error rate is low and the transmission route, etc., is not affected. Combined with various unwanted e-mail countermeasure technologies, this usage method is highly effective.

NetSTAR finely categorizes URLs during the collection process. In addition to categorizing URLs into 28 major categories such as "Illegal," "Adult,", and "Shopping,", they are further categorized into over 70 categories.
By finely categorizing URLs into all these categories, we allow our partners and users to use these databases according to their purpose, such as weeding out "URLs that are not required for business," "URLs with a high degree of illegality," and "URLs that are harmful for education."

On servers, PCs, mobile phones

On servers, PCs, mobile phones

NetSTAR's URL database is the most widely used URL database in Japan, and in addition to their use for software products for servers, software products for PCs, and filtering services on security appliances or routers, they count mobile phone carriers among their users.

Companies that have introduced Web filtering

In alphabetical order

  • Alps System Integration Co., Ltd.
  • Corega K.K.
  • NEC Access Technica Ltd.
  • NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
  • Trend Micro Incorporated
  • VarioSecure Networks Inc.
  • WILLCOM, Inc.

Most unwanted e-mails are sent as advertisements for adult entertainment, pharmaceuticals, online games, or shopping, and almost all unwanted e-mails feature URL links in their body. NetSTAR speedily collects the URLs attached to unwanted e-mails of this kind using various methods.
By executing filtering by adding these URL database to unwanted e-mail countermeasure engines and filters already in use, more accurate unwanted e-mail countermeasures are possible.

Outstanding for mobile phone unwanted e-mail countermeasures!

Outstanding for mobile phone unwanted e-mail countermeasures!

Using NetSTAR's URL database, the reader-enticing URLs included in the body of unwanted e-mails are checked on e-mail server and unwanted e-mails are identified as such.
NetSTAR's URL database is used for the unwanted e-mail countermeasures for mobile phones of NTT DoCoMo and Softbank Mobile for great results.

Companies that have introduced unwanted e-mail filtering

By order of introduction

  • NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
  • SIELLA, Inc.
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