Filtering Service for Mobile Phones

In 2004, NetSTAR began collecting URL for mobile phones. By providing URL database indispensable for URL link containing unwanted e-mail countermeasures and mobile phone URL filtering services to mobile phone operators, the company contributes to Internet access that is safer and offers greater peace of mind.

Mobile phone URL filtering

List of filtering services that use NetSTAR's URL database

  Service name Monthly usage charge Start date
NTT DoCoMoNTT DoCoMo i-mode Filter Free June 2005
SoftBankSoftbank mobile Web Usage Restriction Function Free September 2005
WILLCOMWILLCOM Harmful Site Access Restriction Service Free October 2007
au by KDDIau by KDDI EZ Safe Access Service
Category Restriction Course
Free March 2008
au by KDDIEMOBILE Web Access Restriction Service Free April 2008
Greater peace of mind with harmful site restriction services!

By using these services, similarly to URL filtering for PCs, web browsing management becomes achievable even for Internet use with mobile phones.
Further, no monthly usage fees are charged.
Persons thinking about the following should definitely give these services a try:
Want to prevent access to adult sites, dating sites, etc. from the mobile phones used by children.
Want to prevent problems caused by connection to harmful sites before they occur.

Aiming for a mobile phone society in which children can use mobile phones with peace of mind

Why is filtering necessary for mobile phones?
This necessity is backed up by a number of survey results.

In May 2006, an attitude survey conducted by NetSTAR among guardians of children showed an increase in the number of respondents indicating greater concern about the use of the Internet from mobile phones compared to use from PCs.
According to the "Survey Report Regarding Information Morals" conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, mobile phones account for a greater share of Internet use than PCs as the means of Internet use among pupils and students.
According to the "Regarding Arrests Related to So-Called Dating Sites in 2005" public relations document of the National Police Agency, over 90% of the victims of so-called dating sites are reported to have used mobile phones as the means of access.
This situation is regarded as a serious social problem, and on November 20, 2006, Internal Affairs Minister Suga strongly requested three mobile phone carriers, namely NTT DoCoMo, Softbank Mobile, and KDDI, to take actions to prevent minors from accessing harmful sites such as dating sites.
Moreover, a PR campaign to inform a greater number of people about harmful site access restriction services is being run mainly by the Telecommunications Carriers Association , along with the above-mentioned three mobile phone carriers.

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Protect kids from harmful sites!

NetSTAR too participates in this campaign .

[Image of filtering services for mobile phones]
Image of filtering services for mobile phones

List of unwanted e-mail countermeasure services that use NetSTAR's URL database

  Service name Monthly usage charge Start date
SoftBankSoftbank Mobile Refuse Mail with URL links (URL filter) Free March 2005
NTT DoCoMoNTT DoCoMo URL-containing e-mail rejection setting Free April 2007
Greater peace of mind with unwanted e-mail countermeasure services!

Unwanted e-mails being designed to attract customers to sites such as dating, adult, (illegal in Japan) drug, consumer finance and other sites, it is possible to effectively block such unwanted e-mails by not receiving e-mails whose body contains URLs of applicable categories.
As a result, in addition to systematically rejecting annoying unwanted e-mails, it is possible to effect countermeasures to prevent the reception of unwanted e-mails that contain links to dating sites as well as to prevent the exchange of this type of e-mails among friends.
* This system is realized by importing NetSTAR's URL databases to the SLIMIT-C e-mail filtering engine made by NEC.

[Image of unwanted e-mail countermeasure services for mobile phones]
Image of unwanted e-mail countermeasure services for mobile phones

Using its extensive know-how for the collection of URLs for PCs, NetSTAR compiles highly accurate mobile phone site data in a short time at its URL collection and sorting center, which is Japan's largest of its kind.

[Image of URL collection process for mobile phones]
Image of URL collection process for mobile phones