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provides high-quality URL database that are the result of the combination of filtering engines and URL collection know-how that use the company's proprietary technologies. NetSTAR's various partner companies commercialize products in the form of filtering services for end users, unwanted e-mail countermeasure services, log analysis services, distribution services, search services, etc., based on such technologies.


Business Browser

Compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices, our Business Browser app is an enterprise-class filtering browser that makes business Web access much more intuitive. View your admin page from any Web-linked PC to monitor Web access trends and centrally manage filtering rules for all devices on the service.

Business Smart Security(Japanese Version Only)

This integrated security cloud service for enterprises using mobile devices gives you centralized control over URL and application filtering, mobile device management, and VPN configuration for iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices.

NetSTAR InterSafe(Simplified Chinese)

Optimized for local conditions in China and Taiwan, InterSafe is a URL filtering application that gives you the power to create an ideal network security environment based on URL collection and categorization. InterSafe factors in the different values and standards filtering service users encounter in different countries and cultures, including local laws.

Site Umpire(Japanese Version Only)

Using tags of routers and URL filtering service, Site Umpire blocks sites that may cause harm or losses to companies, and simultaneously realizes the following three aims: Security strengthening, productivity improvement, and information leak prevention.

Akushitsu Site Block Family Smile(Japanese Version Only)

The latest version of our router-based filtering service for comsumers addresses the concerns parents have about their children accessing the Internet. Family Smile uses the latest URL categories to assess social networking services, bulletin boards and other interactive sites. You set the rules appropriate for each age level, allowing your children to learn about Internet usage in stages appropriate to their level of social development, information literacy and communication skills.

Internet Akushitsu Site Block Service for BB routers(Japanese Version Only)

The data transmitted or received when using the Internet always passes through routers. By blocking harmful sites at these routers, filtering can be done in all the network equipment connected to the routers. This service can be used for the routers of NEC Access Technica Ltd. and Corega K.K.

Monitoring & Reporting

LogLyzer(Japanese Version Only)

LogLyzer is a reporting tool developed specifically for the logs output by filtering services supplied by NetSTAR (InterSafe and InterScan WebManager). By grasping the Internet usage status, risks associated with the use of the Internet can be predicted.