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Features of NetSTAR’s URL Lists

It may be difficult to envision how businesses use NetSTAR’s URL lists, so we would like to describe their many uses and give some real-life examples of their application.

Feature 1: No. 1 share in the domestic URL filtering market attests to quality

Even in those situations where there is a tendency to emphasize blocking as many sites as possible, our lists are created to block those sites that should be blocked while leaving mission-critical sites accessible. NetSTAR’s URL lists are recognized for their low false positive rate, which has enabled us to hold the largest share of Japan’s URL filtering market. NetSTAR’s products have been adopted by some of the most demanding customers, including 60% of regional government agencies, 40% of central government agencies, and 40% of the companies on the Nikkei Excellent Company Ranking. (*1) We maintain the quality and healthy growth of our high quality URL lists through the broad range of feedback we receive via our dedicated website and from end users.
*1 Based on NetSTAR’s research

Source: 2015 Fuji Chimera Research Institute, "Network Security Business 2015 - Comprehensive Research Report" Including provisions via partners.

Feature 2: URL database centered on Japanese based on premise of use in the Japanese market

NetSTAR’s URL lists are optimized for the Japanese market, taking into account Japanese culture and laws, and with Japanese language websites comprising 70% of the lists. In the area of precision, the products of overseas companies cannot even begin to compete with us.

Feature 3: Japan's only URL database sold to external customers

NetSTAR is the only company in Japan that sells its filtering URL lists. Our distribution system was developed for selling lists, and with the customer confidence we have achieved through our extensive track record, they can be used to help our partners expand their businesses.

Feature 4: High business matching effect

NetSTAR’s URL lists are unique for their detailed categorization during the list creation process in which subdirectories within each site are also categorized to keep false positives to a minimum. In addition to filtering, lists can be tailored to meet the business objectives of our customers.

Feature 5: Realization of linking in a short period of time against background of extensive introduction achievements

We have accumulated a lot of expertise from our long experience implementing our products. Quick implementation is vital to the success of any new business. Please contact our highly experienced staff regarding the specifics of the process.

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