NetSTAR Inc. Policy on Handling of Personal Information

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NetSTAR Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "NetSTAR"), explaining the necessity of Internet access management, thereby announces that handles the personal information of customers with utmost caution as a company contributing to society through the development of technologies for safe, pleasant, and convenient Internet access.

1. Application scope of these handling guidelines

All the websites operated and managed by NetSTAR, and NetSTAR in-house

The websites operated and managed by NetSTAR include links to third-party websites. Normally, links to third-party websites from NetSTAR's websites open up as a new browser window.
NetSTAR does manage nor these sites neither their personal information handling guidelines. NetSTAR does not necessarily support the personal information handling guidelines of these third-party websites and does not act as an agent in any sense.

2. Personal information contents collected by NetSTAR and usage purpose

Personal information refers to various types of information, such as customer names, that can be used to identify individual customers. NetSTAR may use the personal information of customers in order to provide better products and services to customers. If the customer selects to supply personal information to NetSTAR, NetSTAR promises to use this information only for purposes stated in advance. Usage purposes include for example exchanges of various types of information with customers, and the provision of the latest information regarding products, services and support provision. Moreover, NetSTAR may contact customers using their personal information for the purpose of conducting surveys related to the products and services of NetSTAR. The personal information collected on the websites may be linked to the various information items supplied by customers in different locations.

Other information and usages
Items that do not match the above personal information includes data that is related to how unspecified customers or groups of customers with specific characteristics use websites and/or services. NetSTAR collects and analyzes such data in order to know how customers use NetSTAR's websites, etc.
These data collected by NetSTAR include specific URLs, browser types, and IP addresses during access of NetSTAR websites. Most of these data are collected and analyzed using various analysis technologies, including cookies.

3. Personal information sharing destinations

NetSTAR shall not sell or transfer the personal information of customers to other parties. However, in order to provide products, services, and support, etc., to customers, NetSTAR has collaborative relationships with multiple third-party companies. In order to respond to contacts from customers regarding products, services, etc., NetSTAR may share personal information of customers with third-party companies.
NetSTAR requires of such third-party companies adequate handling of personal information, including the conclusion of agreements regarding the management of various types of information. However, NetSTAR does not manage the entirety of such handling.

4. Cancellation procedure

Customers wishing to stop receiving notifications (newsletters delivered via e-mail, etc.) for which they have signed up expressly on this website shall contact NetSTAR by following the unsubscription procedure described in the subscription guidance.

5. Access to and accuracy of personal information

NetSTAR endeavors to accurately maintain the personal information of customers. If customers request disclosure or correction of personal information held by NetSTAR, NetSTAR shall comply within reasonable limits and a reasonable interval of time. In order to protect the privacy and security of customers, prior to disclosure or changing of the private information data of customers, a set procedure must be followed by the customer in order to verify the customer's identification information, such as the combination of a password and user ID.
Further, access to some of the pages on NetSTAR's websites is restricted to specific users through the use of identification information such as the combination of a user name and password.

6. Protection of personal information

NetSTAR takes the protection of the personal information submitted by customers very seriously. In addition to implementing suitable measures on its computer system in order to prevent illegal access to personal information, NetSTAR has installed management facilities to control physical access to personal information storage locations and also implements internal staff training in order to ensure the suitable use of information.

7. Changes to handling guidelines

In the event of any changes to NetSTAR's personal information handling guidelines, NetSTAR shall promptly announce these changes on this page, etc., and update the change date.

8. Inquiries

Views, questions, etc., about NetSTAR's personal information handling guidelines should be sent to the NetSTAR's Website Manager or Personal Information Manager. The e-mail address for inquiries is

NetSTAR's Personal Information Handling Secretariat is located within an information security committee of NetSTAR Inc.
Name of Personal Information Manager: Tadashi Mukai, Director

* The contents of this page started being listed on November 15, 2004. Their last update date is July 1, 2013.