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NetSTAR’s Application Rating Service (NARS) adopted for DOCOMO’s “Anshin mode”

--Starting in March an “application launch restriction function” will be available on-board, making smart phone use easier and safer for young people--

 TOKYO—March 5, 2013—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced that from March 7, 2013 NTT DOCOMO, INC. (hereafter DOCOMO) will be employing NetSTAR’s Application Rating Service (NARS) to extend the functions of its current “Anshin mode” service to provide young people with a safer and more secure smart phone environment.

 In October, 2011 DOCOMO launched its “Anshin mode” service to enable young people to safely and securely use smart phones. The service makes it possible to limit access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, incoming and outgoing telephone calls, and the installation and start-up of new applications.

 In 2012 NetSTAR began offering its NARS service which rates and classifies smart phone application information. The NARS service features three configuration elements: content, risk, and security. The content category is designed for “adult” material, the security category for “malware, etc.”, and the risk category for “in-application purchases” and “services not suitable for children,” all of which are a source of concern for parents and guardians. The service has proven popular with customers, as it allows guardians to easily tailor the configuration to their specific needs.

 From March this year, DOCOMO will expand functionality by adopting NetSTAR’s NARS service, an application launch restriction function, for its “Anshin mode.”

 Smart phone use among young mobile phone users is growing, and is now at slightly less than 10 percent of elementary school students, approximately 25 percent of junior high school students, and approximately 55 percent of senior high school students.*One of the allures of the smart phone is the ability to easily use and add a variety of applications, and there are many that are popular with young users. Among these, of course, are a number of nefarious applications, and even among general, benign applications there are still sufficient risks from usage or content that young users may not fully understand. There have also been reports of problems associated with young people’s use of certain applications. Various services already offer application restrictions, but most of them require prior setup permissions for each individual application. With widespread Internet use and the availability of hundreds of thousands of applications, it is extremely difficult for a parent or guardian to fully understand the content and risks associated with an application, or to determine its appropriateness for a young user.

 With the introduction of this new added functionality, a parent or guardian can set rules according to the maturity of the young person and easily set application start-up limitations. It is also possible to change the start-up limitation settings on individual applications after reviewing NetSTAR’s application evaluation information, so even without any technical expertise a parent or guardian can establish a secure smart phone environment. See the following link for information on setting up “Anshin mode.”


 NetSTAR will continue to contribute to society by enabling safer and more secure use of the Internet by promoting a variety of collaboration and service distribution methods with its partners.

*2012 Youth Internet Usage Environment Survey by the Cabinet Office.

■About NetSTAR and Web Content/Database Services

 NetSTAR is a professional enterprise which develops and provides URL filtering product technology and web content/database services. NetSTAR’s services have been adopted by large-scale users who are particular about quality, including all domestic cell phone companies and PHS carriers **, as well as government offices and Nikkei blue-chip corporations. We also provide filtering services which run on routers and other communications devices for both corporations and private households, as well as quick development response to the rapidly spreading smart device market. NetSTAR creates an environment where everyone can safely, securely, and efficiently access the Internet from a variety of devices.

**Each day NetSTAR delivers updated lists compiled and run by the filtering services of NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, Softbank Mobile, Willcom and eMobile.