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NetSTAR Develops Japan's First 3D App Filtering System for Smartphones, and Provides Smartphone Secure-Use Service to KDDI to Protect Children from Risky Apps

--Service includes apps database categorized by content, risk, and security to create a secure, safe environment for smartphone users--

 TOKYO—October 16, 2012—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced it developed Japan's first 3D app filtering system and has released a smartphone app filtering service. At the same time, the company announced a smartphone secure-use service that combines URL filtering and app filtering, which will be provided to KDDI on an OEM basis starting in November.

 Smartphones have been growing in popularity, and now even children are using them. One of the attractions of the smartphone is that a broad selection of apps can be easily installed and used on the device. There are also many apps popular among children, such as digital pets and chat apps, and many of these are free of charge. While there are apps created with intent to harm, there are also common apps that are useful but have hidden risks that the user does not fully understand before starting to use them, and there have been reports of children getting into trouble with such apps, so it is a serious concern. With many of the app management services already available, guardians must individually allow or disallow each application in advance. However, with the hundreds of thousands of apps freely available today, it is very difficult for guardians to know the content and associated risks with each one and make an informed decision about which are appropriate for their children.

 NetSTAR responded to this situation by leveraging the proprietary technology and visual confirmation expertise acquired through its URL filtering services to develop a 3D app filtering system for smart phones that evaluates app information and categorizes them. This service evaluates and categorizes app information using three components or dimensions: content, security and risk. Categories like "adult" or "dating" are based on the content, while categories like "malware" are based on security. In addition there are categories like "charges occur when using the app" and "not appropriate for children" that represent risks that are a concern to guardians. These three elements make up the three dimensional categories. This makes it possible for guardians to apply detailed rules to app management, such as only restricting the use app that charge fees when using the app. No other company in the world provides a service that analyzes and categorizes smartphone apps based on their content and risks (based on NetSTAR research as of October 2012).
 We will also be offering a smartphone secure-use service that combines standard URL filtering with app filtering using the app information analysis and categorization database, which will be provided on an OEM basis for use with the Safety Access for Android (TM) service starting in November of this year. Configuration of the URL filtering and app filtering functions is made easier with one-touch settings using age-appropriate rules, and because NetSTAR made the effort to register the minimum required app information for smartphone use, users can easily configure the URL filtering and app filtering with just a few taps. Using the cloud-based administration panel, guardians can centrally manage multiple devices and configure the service from their own smartphones or from a PC. Guardians can easily create a safe and secure smartphone environment for their entire family with no specialized knowledge at all. For more information on the Safety Access for Android (TM), follow the link below.
http://www.kddi.com/corporate/news_release/2012/1016/index.html (Japanese Version Only)

 NetSTAR will continue to collaborate with various partners in an effort to provide Japan and the global community with safe Internet access across a wide variety of platforms.

■About Safety Access for Android (TM) 
OS: Android 2, 2.3, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1
Main functions: function verification; three types of default rules (for both URL and app filtering); EMI certified sites and app compatibility; approval or restriction settings for individual sites (URL filtering); settings for each app (app filtering); app information display; multiple device management
Cost: free of charge
 For details, follow the link below.http://www.kddi.com/corporate/news_release/2012/1016/index.html (Japanese Version Only)

NetSTAR and Web content database services
 NetSTAR is a specialized developer of URL filtering product technology and services and Web-content database services. These services are used by all of Japan's mobile telephone carriers and PHS carriers, with new lists distributed each day to NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Softbank Mobile, Wilcom, and eMobile for use in the filtering systems that they build and operate. It is also used by government agencies, top companies in the Nikkei Excellent Company Ranking, and other large organizations with strict quality requirements. We also provide filtering services for use in routers and other communications devices used in businesses and homes and are developing these for the quickly expanding smart device market. We are building a safe, secure, and efficient environment for Internet use by anyone from a variety of devices.

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