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NetSTAR Increases Number of Web Access Analysis Categories for the Japanese Market

--Making Internet usage transparent by providing database services that can be used for restricting usage and analyzing trends--

 TOKYO—July 12, 2012—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced that it is increasing the number of Web access analysis categories in the URL lists that it provides for the Japanese market, and that from today it will be offering them as a Web content database service.

 With Internet use in the workplace now a given, there are increasing concerns about data leaks, viruses, and reduced productivity due to personal Internet use, and the need to manage Web access has grown. There is also a strong desire to understand trends in staff Internet usage in the workplace, and products and services are required that can make the usage trends for the entire workplace transparent. Even among those companies that are already analyzing access trends and using URL filtering products and services, only 10% are getting a clear picture of all Internet access. However, the fact that 50% of system administrators want increased functionality in filtering products and services that will “enable a broad overview of the entire Web access log” (*1) indicates that there is demand for filtering products and services which will allow detailed analysis of all accesses in a straightforward manner.

 In light of this situation, NetSTAR is making full use of its automatic classification technology (the most advanced in the world) and its expertise in visual confirmation so as to understand Internet usage trends in more detail than ever before. It has added access analysis categories that reflect characteristic Japanese methods of use and Japanese culture, ranging from categories of site related to everyday life, such as “Health and medical care” and “Academic and educational,” to categories such as “IT services” and “Business and economics.” The company will also begin offering this service in the form of a Web content database server. In the past NetSTAR classified “risky content,” generally for the purpose of access restriction, and provided a URL list consisting of 77 different categories. The company has now added 67 categories of “non-risk Web content” and will begin offering a Web content database with a total of 144 categories.

 Access log analysis based on the URL lists provided by the company in the past only allowed 50% of URLs to be analyzed, since the filtering categories used were mainly designed for the purpose of access restriction. Additional analysis was thus necessary in order to understand in detail the remaining accesses, which were designated “no applicable category.” With the new increase, at least 90% of URLs can be analyzed, enabling trends in staff Internet usage to be understood in more detail than ever before.(*2) Since this greatly reduces the number of URLs that required further analysis, it greatly alleviates the workload of system administrators.
 This newly expanded service is now being offered for InterSafe WebFilter Ver. 8.0, the Web filtering software that is being launched today by Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. It is then due to be adapted to other products and services in turn. For more details on InterSafe WebFilter Ver. 8.0, please see the following website.

By creating an environment in which anyone can still engage in all forms of Internet access safely and securely, NetSTAR continues to provide various forms of cooperation and service that benefit society—with increasing numbers of partners.

1 NetSTAR’s ninth Survey of Corporate Internet Administration Practices, June 2012 2 Compared to earlier NetSTAR products

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■About NetSTAR and the Web content database service
NetSTAR specializes in the development and provision of URL filtering product technology and services, and Web content database services. NetSTAR provides top-quality database services, as demonstrated by the fact that they are widely utilized by large-scale users who demand high quality,(**1) including government agencies, leading companies in the Nikkei rankings, and all the Japanese domestic mobile phone providers. (**2)
**1 NetSTAR distributes an updated list every day for the filtering systems constructed and operated by NTT Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank Mobile, Willcom, and e-Mobile.  **2 As verified by NetSTAR.

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