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NetSTAR and Softnext Conclude Distribution Agreement to Begin Sales of Web Filtering Products in Taiwan

--Sales of NetSTAR InterSafe equipped with URL lists optimized for the Taiwanese market--

 TOKYO—July 10, 2012—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced that it has concluded a distribution agreement for Web filtering products with the Taiwanese information security company Softnext Technologies Corporation, and that on July 12 of this year it will commence sales in Taiwan of its NetSTAR InterSafe Web filtering software.

 NetSTAR has been selling its Web filtering software NetSTAR InterSafe in China since 2009. The company has established a URL research center in China, and NetSTAR InterSafe, which is equipped with URL lists that conform with trends in Internet usage in China, has already received acclaim from numerous clients. Since February of this year, NetSTAR has also been providing companies with access analysis categories and has been expanding its range of products and services for the Chinese market.
 With 3000 clients, Softnext is a leading information security company in Taiwan. It is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and also has branches in Japan and China. The company is focused on developing comprehensive information content security solutions based on anti-spam systems.
 Having concluded a distribution agreement for NetSTAR InterSafe with Softnext, NetSTAR will commence sales of the product on July 12 this year. Until now most web filtering software products sold in the Taiwanese market have been from the West. Since these are not always appropriate for local conditions, using and administering them requires time and effort.

 Since its foundation, NetSTAR has believed in the importance of faithfully reflecting in its products and services the differences in the basic values of the users of its Web filtering (which arise from national and cultural differences). The company has thus developed working relationships with numerous partners. In line with this belief, NetSTAR has taken the same approach to the Taiwanese market, and has since 2010 been compiling and categorizing URL lists for the Taiwanese market in advance of marketing any products. These lists are included in the product that NetSTAR is now launching. By entering into cooperation on sales with Softnext, which already boasts numerous clients in Taiwan, NetSTAR can construct a network security environment that is more suitable to local conditions and make use of the Softnext sales network.
  Mr Arno Chang, assistant chief accountant of Softnext Technologies Corporation’s No. 1 Operations Group, comments on the announcement as follows:
 I am extremely delighted that we are now able to offer NetSTAR InterSafe to our clients in Taiwan. The easy-to-use URL lists that reflect local conditions with great accuracy—the production of which is a particular forte of NetSTAR—have already received rave reviews from many clients. I am confident that NetSTAR InterSafe, which is equipped with these URL lists, will be a product that affords clients an even higher degree of satisfaction.

 NetSTAR will continue to provide various services that benefit society by creating an environment in which anyone can use the Internet safely and securely from a variety of devices.

■NetSTAR InterSafe—Web filtering software for Taiwan
• Main functions
• Filtering by category • Filtering action • Database updates in real time • Settings for exceptional URLs only • Group administration • Scheduling • Authentication • Requests for deregulation • Compatibility with multiple LDAPs • Notifications • Simple set-up • Reporting • Automatic report delivery
• Charge (based on number of users): 1800 Taiwanese dollars (for fewer than 50 users)
• For a description of compatible OSs, operation environments, and other details, please visit the following URLs:
Japanese: http://www.netstar-inc.com/cn/intersafe/jp/index.html
Chinese (traditional) http://www.netstar-inc.com/cn/intersafe/tw/index.html
Chinese (simplified) http://www.netstar-inc.com/cn/intersafe/index.html

■ Direct all inquires to
Softnext Technologies Corp Violet 
E-mail:  violet@softnext.com.tw

NetSTAR, Inc., Overseas Business Promotion Office Maeda
E-mail: ns-intersafe@netstar-inc.com

■About Softnext Technologies Corporation
Softnext Technologies Corporation is a leading Taiwanese information security company and was the first company to offer anti-spam systems in the Taiwanese market. The company’s forte is the development of all types of information content security solutions for complex Internet environments. It provides a wide variety of security countermeasures, ranging from connection risk countermeasures and policy filtering to content management. The company has received numerous accolades in recognition of its systems development work: it was included among “Ten major information security product brands that are trusted by large companies” and “Leading e-mail security brands” announced by Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry, was the recipient of a 2011 Frost & Sullivan Greater China Growth Leadership Award (from the international research company Frost & Sullivan), and won first place in the “Ideal brand for e-mail management” category in the “2010 survey of satisfaction with information security products” conducted by the magazine DigiTimes. Its high level of technological capability has been acclaimed throughout the world, as well as in Taiwan.

■About NetSTAR
NetSTAR’s specializes in the development of URL filtering software and services, and in the collection and categorization of URL lists. Recognized for high performance with low false positive rate, inCompass by NetSTAR technology is currently utilized by mobile phone operators, large enterprise appliances, and multinational service providers where it is integrated into SMB appliances, deployed in consumer products, and is a back bone that many software developers can rely upon for URL filtering and broad ranging categorization applications. For more information please visit netstar.jp

* NetSTAR is a registered trademark of NetSTAR, Inc. Other product and company names are the registered trademarks of their respective companies.