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Future Issues Include Corporate Web Access Log Management, Laptops,
Smartphones, and other Removable Devices, and Increasing Analysis Precision

--Filtering company report tools expected to include new features that enable users to understand all log content--

 TOKYO—June 12, 2011—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced the release of the ninth Survey of Corporate Internet Administration Practices.

 This survey investigates the administration and use of the Internet in the workplace, and it has been conducted by NetSTAR continuously since 2004.In this ninth survey, 618 system administrators were surveyed on the use of URL filtering in the work place. The primary results of this survey are summarized below.

(1) Over 40% of system administrators would like to "Know the web access history of all devices," and yet there are very few enterprises with access to the logs of portable devices.
 Approximately 50% of enterprises are primarily using the Web access logs of "PCs using the corporate network" to "analyze Web use" and "resolve problems." The top three logs that system administrators are interested in are "internal devices" (53.4%), "all devices" (40.3%) and "portable devices" (37.2%), but there were in fact very few enterprises who had the logs for smartphones and other "devices using an external network," indicating that portable devices are currently out of their view.

(2) The reasons for wanting to analyze Web access logs are "understanding access trends" and "mitigating risk."
 The reasons given for wanting to analyze the content of Web access logs differed by device. For "internal devices," more than half of the administrators want to "understand access trends," while for "all devices" and "portable devices" more than 60% want to "confirm that there are no problems." In addition, more than 80% were keeping the log of "URLs accessed," but only 30% were analyzing these "regularly," and only 10% were doing it "only for a certain period."

(3) While 60% of enterprises use "report tools of filtering service providers," these do not enable them to understand all the content.
 The most common method used to analyze Web access logs was "report tool from the filtering service provider" (61.7%). Mostly commonly, administrator understanding of the content produced by such tools was "Between 30% and 50%" (30.2%), with only 7.9% able to understand the entire log content. The top functions that system administrators want in the "report tools of filtering service providers," are those that "enable a broad overview of the entire Web access log" (55.1%) and "automatic output of selected categories" (54.9%).
 NetSTAR will continue contributing to society by creating an environment in which all people can use the Internet safely and securely; we will work to understand the trends and needs of users; and we will reflect these in the technology and products that we develop.

Click here for the results and comment on the major survey items (Japanese version only)

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