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NetSTAR and SecureBrain Form Technology Tie-up to Bolster Exit Point Controls Through URL Filtering

--Strengthens registration of illegal attack sites and other malicious sites, and will be released for all products and services by the end of May--

 TOKYO—April 25, 2012—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced a technology tie-up in the information security sector with security software developer and retailer SecureBrain Corporation, and as part of this tie-up SecureBrain will provide URL data for malware distribution sites, phishing sites, one-click fraud sites, and others to NetSTAR for use in NetSTAR’s URL lists. The data provided by SecureBrain differs from the usual websites because it changes almost daily, requiring a daily update to stay current, and this information will be reflected in NetSTAR products and services starting at the end of May.

 There has been a sharp increase in cyber attacks targeting national institutions, businesses, and other organizations, as well as increasing losses due to viruses and fraudulent bills targeting the popular smart devices like smartphones and tablet computers, which is expected to continue to spread and become more advanced.  In response, NetSTAR constantly reviews ways to improve processes for registering malicious sites, and through this tie-up with SecureBrain, NetSTAR will be able to expand its URL lists with URLs of malware distribution sites, hijacked websites, sites possibly being used in targeted attacks, command and control servers perpetrating illegal attacks, phishing sites, one-click fraud sites, and other malicious sites.

 NetSTAR constantly works to improve the immediacy and coverage of its URL lists by developing URL creation and distribution systems and diversifying our Internet content sources to create a comprehensive solution against malware distribution sites, online fraud sites, and other malicious sites, as well as the continuously growing spam email problem.
 Added to this is the new technology tie-up with SecureBrain, which will bolster our malicious-site registration process which could lead to reduced risk of financial damage and information leaks through website viewing.
 Starting at the end of May, these improved lists will be available on InterSafe WebFilter by Alps System Integration Co., Ltd., InterScan WebManager by Trend Micro Incorporated, and the filtering products and services of all our partner companies, as well as NetSTAR’s other products and services, including Site Umpire filtering service for small and medium businesses, and the NetSTAR Business Smart Security and NetSTAR Business Browser service for smart devices.

 NetSTAR and SecureBrain will continue to provide the global community with safe Internet access across a wide variety of devices, and provide a variety of new innovative services to contribute to society.

■About NetSTAR
NetSTAR’s specializes in the development of URL filtering software and services, and in the collection and categorization of URL lists. Recognized for high performance with low false positive rate, inCompass by NetSTAR technology is currently utilized by mobile phone operators, large enterprise appliances, and multinational service providers where it is integrated into SMB appliances, deployed in consumer products, and is a back bone that many software developers can rely upon for URL filtering and broad ranging categorization applications. For more information please visit inCompass.NetSTAR-inc.com

■About SecureBrain Corporation
 Based in Tokyo, Japan, SecureBrain is a leader in providing high quality security software and services. Our software and services help protect our customers against Japanese specific cybercrime as well as global internet security threats such as online fraud, drive-by downloads and malware attacks. SecureBrain is also a government contractor specializing in cyber security and has consistently been awarded numerous contracts every year by the Japanese government.

* NetSTAR is a registered trademark of NetSTAR, Inc. Other product and company names are the registered trademarks of their respective companies.