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NetSTAR Adds Internet Usage Analysis Categories for Corporate Clients in Chinese Market

--NetSTAR launches new categories for NetSTAR InterSafe filtering product for the Chinese market--

 TOKYO—February 9, 2012—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced the immediate release of new URL list categories for the Chinese market. The newly expanded lists are intended for use with the enterprise-class NetSTAR InterSafe filtering product that NetSTAR is currently offering in China.

 Since its foundation, NetSTAR has made its mission to develop many business partnerships in the belief that it is important to deliver products and services that accurately reflect the values of their users in different countries and cultures. Using the same approach in China, we began research of URLs in that country and visually confirming the content. We also developed proprietary automated content categorization technology, such as natural language analysis in Chinese, and began the creation of URL lists that conform with Internet use in China.

 As of the end of 2011 there were more than 500 million Internet users in China (*), and Internet use became a vital necessity to business operations, just as it is in Japan. At the same time, the necessity for Web access management had grown along with concerns about data leaks, viruses, and reduced productivity due to personal Internet use. There is also a strong desire among business owners to know the Internet usage trends of employees in the work place, which is driving the demand for products and services that help visualize overall Internet usage trends.
 NetSTAR is rising to fill these needs with its industry-leading automated content categorization technology and visual confirmation expertise, which can provide a more detailed picture of Internet usage trends. We have added 37 categories—including “medical,” "legal,” and other common daily-life topics, as well as “portal sites” and “business”—that reflect China’s particular usage patterns and culture. With the 78 existing categories, NetSTAR will be providing URL lists with 115 categories tailor made for the Chinese market. With the conventional access log analysis, only about 30 to 40% of the URLs were categorized using the categories designed primarily for filtering, and 60 to 70% were labeled “no applicable category.” However, over 90% of the URLs are able to be categorized with the expanded categories,which will give businesses a detailed understanding of Internet usageamong employees..
 URL lists with the newly expanded categories for the Chinese market are available for use today via NetSTAR InterSafe. For customers who are already using NetSTAR InterSafe, the new lists will be downloaded automatically during the regular update cycle, so no action is necessary to start benefiting from this new release.
 We are also planning to release new URL lists for access-log analysis for the Japanese market to be used with a variety of products and services.

On the occasion of this release, we received the following comment from Information Security Director Tsuyoshi Hasegawa of Nomura Research Institute (Beijing), Ltd.

 I am very pleased to be able to offer NetSTAR InterSafe with expanded categories for Internet usage analysis by corporate clients. NetSTAR's URL Research Center in China makes it possible to create a product like NetSTAR InterSafe, with its finely tuned URL lists and ease of use, which has received rave reviews from our existing clients. The newly expanded categories will allow us to deliver an even better product and greater customer satisfaction.

NetSTAR will continue to provide the global community with safe Internet access across a wide variety of devices.
(*1) The 29th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (CNNIC), January 2012.  

About URL lists for China
Categories: 115
Target product: NetSTAR InterSafe ver.3.1.1
Installation: The new URL list will be downloaded during the regular update cycle. No user action is required. However, some reconfiguration is necessary to use the new categories in the filtering process.

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