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PITCREW Survey Validates NetSTAR URL List Accuracy

--PITCREW's “Smart Device Restriction Precision Survey” Rates NetSTAR Lists “Best Blocker of Jailbreak Sites”--

 TOKYO—January 16, 2012—NetSTAR, Inc., Japan’s premier developer of URL filtering product technologies and services, today announced that NetSTAR’s URL lists ranked highest among three competing products in blocking jailbreak related sites, according to the “Web Filtering URL Database Smart Device Restriction Precision Survey” conducted by PITCREW Co., Ltd.

 The iPad and iPhone have spurred a growing market for smart devices in Japan because of their ease-of-use and the number of applications available for these devices. Some corporations have already begun to use smart devices in their normal business processes, and this has made the adoption of security measures to counter malware and potential information leaks a pressing issue. Jailbreaking in particular is easy to do by visiting certain websites from a smart device. It has been show that many of the applications that can be installed on a jailbroken device contain viruses and other malware that pose security risks, making jailbreaking a serious threat to business use of smart devices.

 In November of 2011, PITCREW conducted the “Web Filtering URL Database Smart Device Restriction Accuracy Survey,” which surveys how well iOS filtering products and services filter for sites that describe how to jailbreak or provide jailbreak tools. From the sites that they had discovered as part of the survey, PITCREW randomly selected a group of jailbreak sites thought to be intended for smart devices and then selected three URL filtering products or services currently being provided for the iOS. These were then tested to determine their blocking ratio.
 The results showed that NetSTAR’s URL lists have a blocking ratio of 89.2%, which was the highest rating among the three products tested. The PITCREW survey also tested for filtering of jailbreak sites in different languages. The most common language for jailbreak sites was English (85%), followed by Japanese (11%). NetSTAR’s blocking ratio was also high for each of the languages tested, with 90.5% blocking ratio in English, a much higher ratio than the other products.

NetSTAR will continue to collaborate with various partners in an effort to provide Japan and the global community with safe Internet access across a wide variety of platforms.

●Jailbreak Site Blocking Ratio
Jailbreak Site Blocking Ratio
●Blocking Ratio by Language
Blocking Ratio by Language
●Site Languages
Site Languages

November 2011, PITCREW Co., Ltd.
“Web Filtering URL Database Smart Device Restriction Accuracy Survey”

What is jailbreak?
Jailbreak(ing) is the use of security holes and other vulnerabilities to remove restrictions imposed on a terminal by the OS, with the goal of running software that is counter to the intentions of the manufacturer or administrator. Most of the jailbroken smart devices are iPhones and iPads that run the iOS, and the term “jailbreak” means to put these devices into a state in which they will run applications not approved by Apple Inc.

■About NetSTAR
NetSTAR’s specializes in the development of URL filtering software and services, and in the collection and categorization of URL lists. Recognized for high performance with low false positive rate, inCompass by NetSTAR technology is currently utilized by mobile phone operators, large enterprise appliances, and multinational service providers where it is  integrated into SMB appliances, deployed in consumer products, and is a back bone that many software developers can rely upon for URL filtering and broad ranging categorization applications. For more information please visit inCompass.NetSTAR-inc.com

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