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Mar 5, 2013 NetSTAR’s Application Rating Service (NARS) adopted for DOCOMO’s “Anshin mode”
- Starting in March an “application launch restriction function” will be available on-board, making smart phone use easier and safer for young people -
Oct 16, 2012 NetSTAR Develops Japan's First 3D App Filtering System for Smartphones, and Provides Smartphone Secure-Use Service to KDDI to Protect Children from Risky Apps
- Service includes apps database categorized by content, risk, and security to create a secure, safe environment for smartphone users -
Jul 12, 2012 NetSTAR Increases Number of Web Access Analysis Categories for the Japanese Market
- Making Internet usage transparent by providing database services that can be used for restricting usage and analyzing trends -
Jul 11, 2012 Western Digital My Net(R) Routers Use NetSTARs inCompass Cloud Solution to Provide Parental Control and Web Security Features
Jul 10, 2012 NetSTAR and Softnext Conclude Distribution Agreement to Begin Sales of Web Filtering Products in Taiwan
- Sales of NetSTAR InterSafe equipped with URL lists optimized for the Taiwanese market -
Jul 4, 2012 Smart Device Security Measures Vary between OSes, Common Points are
"Purpose" and "Product Selection Criteria"
- More than 10% of enterprises had problems because they used a jailbroken device or device infected with viruses -
Jun 12, 2012 Future Issues Include Corporate Web Access Log Management, Laptops,
Smartphones, and other Removable Devices, and Increasing Analysis Precision
- Filtering company report tools expected to include new features that enable users to understand all log content -
Apr 25, 2012 NetSTAR and SecureBrain Form Technology Tie-up to Bolster Exit Point Controls Through URL Filtering
- Strengthens registration of illegal attack sites and other malicious sites, and will be released for all products and services by the end of May -
Feb 9, 2012 NetSTAR Adds Internet Usage Analysis Categories for Corporate Clients in Chinese Market
- NetSTAR launches new categories for NetSTAR InterSafe filtering product for the Chinese market -
Jan 16, 2012 NetSATAR Launches Integrated Cloud Security Service for Smart Devices NetSTAR Business Smart Security
- From filtering to MDM/VPN, centrally managed cloud service provides greater information security -
Jan 16, 2012 PITCREW Survey Validates NetSTAR URL List Accuracy
- PITCREW's “Smart Device Restriction Precision Survey” Rates NetSTAR Lists “Best Blocker of Jailbreak Sites” -
- Software will support malware and parental control within mobile solution -


Sep 8, 2011 Over 90% of Sys Admins Satisfied with Filtering Function for Network Appliances Over
40% “First-time Filtering Users”
- Main weaknesses were “log analysis granularity” and “frequency of URL list updates,” valuable information when selecting equipment -
Jul 13, 2011 NetSTAR to Offer Family Smile Home-use Router Filtering Service for NEC AccessTechnica’s Aterm Series Routers
- Service enables gradual introduction of communication sites as children grow -
Jun 29, 2011 NetSTAR Provides Free SI Solution Tools for NetSTAR Business Browser
- Installation support and application restriction features make corporate smartphone environment management easier and more secure -
Jun 29, 2011 NetSTAR Releases NetSTAR Business Browser for Android Devices
- NetSTAR Business Browser now compatible with Japan’s top-three carriers with the addition of the new NTT DOCOMO and KDDI smartphones -
Apr 26, 2011 NetSTAR offers restricted-access browser for Android smartphones
- Sales of Japan's first restricted-access "Business Browser" corporate-oriented browser for Android begin at the end of May -
Apr 26, 2011 NetSTAR and M.A.D.Sign Technology Partnership Agreement for Mobile Device Security Technology
- Integrated security services for smartphones and tablet computers to be rolled out to corporate market -
Apr 1, 2011 Operational Status Post- East Japan Great Earthquake(Report No. 2)
Mar 23, 2011 Operational Status Post- East Japan Great Earthquake
Feb 16, 2011 NetSTAR, Inc. Announces New 4th Generation Web-Filtering SDK for the OEM Market
Feb 15, 2011 NetSTAR Releases Upgrade for Enterprise Browser Service for iPhones and iPads
- Log search function, “white list" filtering added, system admin given more freedom-
Feb 9, 2011 Parents and Guardians Use Filtering for Own Security as well as Protection of Children
- Promoting the gradual introduction of Internet use to children requires effort on the part of service providers to make it easy to determine which sites are user friendly for and proper for children, as well as providing information to parents and guardians -
Feb 1, 2011 NetSTAR to Provide URL Lists to Medist to Detect Inappropriate Sites for Mobile Affiliate Advertising Services
- Prevention of affiliate advertising on sites deemed inappropriate by advertisers helps to maintain brand integrity and lower costs -


Dec 16, 2010 More Enterprises Introducing Laptops, Tablet Computers, and Smartphones, but Implementing Web Filtering for Portable Devices Is a Major Issue
- The potential for information leaks from devices used outside the company is a common concern for system administrators at major corporations -
Dec 15, 2010 NetSTAR and Yahoo Japan Launch Japan’s First Enterprise Browser with Web-Access Control Service for iPads and iPhones
- A cloud service that enables central management for system administrators and makes Web use via iPad/iPhone both safer and more secure -
Dec 2, 2010 NetSTAR to Provide Highly Reliable URL Lists and NetSTAR’s Cloud Service Platform for Use in IIJ’s New URL Filter Report Function on the IIJ SMF sx Service/Ultra Firewall Option
- NetSTAR will also provide Web access analysis as part of the Web Access Analysis Support Campaign Launched with the New Function -
Nov 8, 2010 NetSTAR Improves Speed of Phishing Site Registration
- Faster registration of newly discovered phishing sites reduces threat and potential damage -
Sept 13, 2010 Corporate Filtering Takes Multi-tiered Approach as Work-Related Internet Use Grows: Portable Computers, Mobile Phones, and Smartphones also Targeted
- Multiple products and services used for offices without administrators and for non-standard applications -
June 17, 2010 NetSTAR, Council of Anti-Phishing Japan, and JPCERT/CC Form Alliance to Fight Phishing via Filtering and Anti-Spam Services
- The products and services of a strong partnership helps both corporate and household consumers in Japan -
June 1, 2010 NetSTAR Offers Free Workplace Internet Use Checkup for Businesses
- Free service analyzes log data of Internet use by employees to make it visible to management and executives -
May 24, 2010 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Members Take Tour of Filtering Services
May 18, 2010 NetSTAR Extends Access Log Analysis Service for Video Research Interactive
- Yahoo! Mobile sites added to categories for mobile Internet viewer analysis -
Apr 27, 2010 NetSTAR and Bloxx Sign Technology Partnership Agreement for URL Filtering
- NetSTAR expands collection of non-Japanese URLs for both local and global partners -
Apr 20, 2010 Study Group on Filtering Formed with Experts and Parents and Guardians as Members
- Study Group to examine issues related to filtering services and give advice to parents and guardians and service providers -
Apr 8, 2010 NetSTAR Introduces a System to Create and Deliver URL lists 24/7
- Allows faster list updates to filter virus transmitters and other harmful sites -
Apr 1, 2010 NetSTAR Launches Akushitsu Site Block Family Smile , a filtering service that blocks access to inappropriate sites from all family computers and game devices
- This router service is less time-consuming than software that needs to be installed on each device, and is free for the first year -
Mar 31, 2010 Children’s first Internet-capable devices are more commonly gaming devices than mobile phones, and over 20% of junior high school students have played games with a stranger via a gaming device.
- There is a need for filtering that can manage all of the wide variety of Internet-capable devices in households -
Mar 25, 2010 Fujitsu Network Server IPCOM EX Series to Use NetSTAR’s URL Lists
- Highly reliable URL lists enable precision Web content filtering -
Jan 14, 2010 Web access administration in mid-sized SMEs based on trust between executives and employees
- Private Internet use receives tacit approval if “within reason,” but caution about certain employees advised -
Jan 13, 2010 Small and Medium Enterprise Filtering Service, Site Umpire, Now Compatible with Yamaha's RT58i Router
- Five-year service license and router sold as a set -


Dec 17, 2009 NetSTAR and Nomura Research Institute (Beijing) Form Partnership for Sale of Filtering Products in China
- Expanding sales of filtering products as part of Web access security services -
Nov 25, 2009 Parents consider sex-related crimes to be the most serious problem that children face online
- They look to risk assessment of individual websites through filtering and independent efforts by site operators -
Nov 10, 2009 NetSTART to Expand Master Filtering Database System and Enhance Filtering Criteria
- Making it easier for users to understand, and accommodating the increasing number of websites -
July 31, 2009 NetSTAR Announces New URL List for Home-use Filtering: Finer granularity in the “communication” category based on site’s level of child-friendliness
- Softbank Mobile to use the new list via the new Web Use Restrictions Service to be released on August 31 -
July 23, 2009 NetSTAR to Speak at Faculty Training Seminar for Mukogawa Women’s University Junior & Senior High School
- Presentation will cover the many problems related to Internet use by students and the ideal solutions to them -
July 6, 2009 NetSTAR to Release ICT Sensor for SMEs, Boosting Efficiency of IT Resources
- In addition to asset management, process management, and file management features, new service makes it easy to grasp Internet usage trends -
May 28, 2009 OCN to Use NetSTAR URL Lists in new OCN Kids Care Service
- Recognized for our performance and reliability, NetSTAR begins distributing lists for use in filtering services for computers with parental control features first used in mobile phones -
May 19, 2009 NetSTAR Speaks to the Toyama ISP Liaison Committee
- Presentation covers the applications of URL filtering to youth development and the Internet environment -
May 14, 2009 NetSTAR Speaks to the Yamagata Internet Crime Prevention Liaison Committee
- Presentation discusses filtering mechanisms and issues as an integral part of youth development -
May 13, 2009 NetSTAR Intensifies Efforts to Improve URL Filtering Lists
April 20, 2009 STARTIA, with a client base of 30,000 firms, adopts NetSTAR’s Site Umpire filtering service for its network equipment rental service
- Adding furer value to eir already popular monitored rental router offering -
April 17, 2009 “Site Umpire” filtering service for small & medium businesses adopted by IIJ’s proprietary SEIL routers
- Enabling unified, error-free, and low-cost filter management for multiple sites -
April 17, 2009 80% of parents believe at “banning” mobile phones is not the solution to online issues experienced by children
- Parents acknowledge the advancement of mobile web filtering services, but are left wanting of furer improvements -
April 2, 2009 NetSTAR attains ISO 27001 ISMS certification
- Reinforcing information security management to meet expectations as a bearer of the Internet infrastructure -
Mar 17, 2009 SO-TEN’s LogVillage 2.0 client monitoring/management software adopts NetSTAR’s URL list
- Categorization of web access log significantly reduces work load for system administrators -
Mar 16, 2009 NetSTAR to present at the “Seminar on Children’s Safety in the Internet Age” co-hosted by Kanagawa prefecture and NPO ISEF
- Providing expert views on filtering to aid Kanagawa prefecture’s effort to prevent children falling victim to online crimes -
Mar 3, 2009 Manax to use NetSTAR’s URL list for its filtering software
- Proprietary URL list to be replaced by NetSTAR’s for increased competitiveness -
Feb 18, 2009 KDDI chooses NetSTAR’s URL lists for its “au one net Safety Access Service” web filtering service
- Deciding factors: track record in mobile phone web filtering, and convenience for the users -
Feb 5, 2009 Challenges in office web use: balancing use of interactive websites with risk management
- Security advantages already well-established. Improvements required in frequency of database update and flexibility of policy implementation. -
Jan 29, 2009 Site Umpire Internet Cafe Edition filtering solution to be support by InterPia’s latest POS system
- Automation of age-based filtering to minimize workload for café staffs -


Dec 15, 2008 This is a new release from the "Research Panel on Internet Use by Children"
“Research Panel on Internet Use by Children” publishes a report of activities for its first term
- Proposing risk evaluation models for interactive websites to parents -
Nov 18, 2008 NetSTAR to deliver a lecture for Oita Prefectural High School PTA Union
- First model lecture by the “Research Panel on Internet Use by Children”
Nov 13, 2008 NetSTAR to present at the mobidec2008 conference for mobile phone businesses
- Revealing future plans as a business providing URL lists to all domestic mobile phone operators -
Oct 28, 2008 NetSTAR to present at Trend Micro DIRECTION 2008
- Raising an issue concerning the restriction of access from the workplace to participative websites -
Oct 10, 2008 3 in 10 high schoolers are aware that the Internet can be used to say things they would not say face-to-face
- Latest survey reveals issues that need to be addressed by parents of high schoolers -
Sep 30, 2008 Free Educational Material for Parents on Risks of Internet Usage by Teenagers
Developed by NetSTAR, Yahoo, and other major Internet businesses with aid from academic professionals and parents
Aug 27, 2008 NetSTAR announces its five efforts for the dissemination of filtering services
- Efforts include educational website and research by experts. Primary focus placed on supporting the parents. -
Aug 21, 2008 NetSTAR to participate in Tottori prefecture’s “Forum on Life with Mobile Phones and the Internet”
- Providing information on mobile web filtering to parents and educators attending the educational event -
Aug 19, 2008 Site Umpire Complex Café Edition filtering solution adopted by nationwide complex café chain
-Site Umpire filtering service now available on a wider range of business routers-
Aug 19, 2008 Site Umpire URL filtering service for small & medium businesses to support Century Systems business routers from September 8
-NetSTAR joins JCCA for an increased effort in the complex café market-
Aug 5, 2008 Private Internet use at work on the decline - but 1 in 2 employees download software without approval
- NetSTAR’s “Survey of Office Internet Use” reveals a new issue with Internet use by employees -
Jun 9, 2008 Joint Statement by Five Internet Businesses on the
“Bill on the Improvement of the Environment for the Safe Use of the Internet by Children”
May 27, 2008 NetSTAR’s “Site Umpire” filtering service expands its partnership
- Century Systems business routers to offer an alternative for small&medium businesses-
May 13, 2008 NetSTAR and SO-TEN to collaborate on PC asset management solutions for small & medium businesses
- Collaborative trials to be conducted on agent-free PC asset management ASP services that provide web access control for employees -
Apr 24, 2008 NetSTAR and Yahoo! JAPAN to launch Research Panel of Experts on Juvenile Internet Use
- To conduct extensive research and investigation on appropriate Internet use, and provide information to parents and website operators -
Apr 23, 2008 Response to the Bill on Restriction of Juvenile Internet Use and Proposition for Independent Efforts to be made with Parents
Apr 22, 2008 Latest Research Reveals Significant Differences in Internet Use Between Parents and Children
- The 7th “Survey of Home Internet Use” unfolds parents' use behavior and awareness of the Internet -
Mar 27, 2008 NetSTAR to Provide URL Databases for EMOBILE's Filtering Service
- Contributing to providing safer Internet access for mobile phones -
Feb 14, 2008 Many large-scale corporations concern utilization of SNSes, etc. and take actions such as access restriction and saving the origination contents
- Over 80% can grasp the rewritten contents and the contents of transmitted files but less than a half take actions against taking out the note PC -
Jan 24, 2008 NetSTAR Joins Unsolicited Email Information Sharing Association
- NetSTAR continues its support for unsolicited email protection initiatives led by the Nippon Information Communications Association and mobile phone companies -
Jan 15, 2008 NetSTAR to Provide URL List for au's New Filtering Service
- Provision to Japan's three mobile phone carriers contributes to safe Internet access from mobile phones -


Dec 4, 2007 NetSTAR begins URL research in Dalian, China
- Grasping the local trend in Internet usage to support full-fledged provision of URL lists to the Chinese market -


Oct 18, 2006 NetSTAR to Provide Internet Malicious Site Blocking Service for NEC's Home Routers
- Now providing URL filtering on NEC AccessTechnica's Aterm series products -
Jun 14, 2006 Corega and NetSTAR Start Malicious Site Blocking Service for Home Routers
- Available even for Web browsing from portable game machines or internet appliances -


Feb 15, 2005 Vodafone K.K. service to prevent unsolicited email adopts NetStar's URL database
- First introduction of a URL database into a mobile phone service -


Nov 30, 2004 NetSTAR's URL Database Now available on the Blue Coat Systems ProxySG Appliances
Aug 3, 2004 NetSTAR leads top share of over 30% in the Japanese web filtering market