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NetSTAR Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "NetSTAR") is to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ALSI"), and our sales and support business will be consolidated and taken over by ALSI.
2013.5.8 Notice of Business Restructuring

[Corporate Philosophy]

Aims of NetSTAR
NetSTAR aims to create an environment in which people all around the world can use the Internet safely and efficiently by improving our world-leading filtering technology and know-how.

[Code of Conduct]

  • No challenge is No success.
    Each and every employee is to realize the corporate philosophy by continuously striving to "actively take on challenges."
    The company and its employees create an environment in which this is possible both physically and psychologically.
  • We place emphasis on "sustainable growth" as well as "co-existence and co-prosperity" with our customers, society, and partners.

Initially, products imported from abroad accounted for the largest share of Japan's URL filtering market. Naturally, the URL database that was used at the time were compiled according to the cultural standard of the U.S., and there were difficult to bridge gaps in terms of language and culture. We thought that filtering matching Japanese culture and laws should be provided as infrastructure in Japan, and it was out of this strong conviction that NetSTAR was created.

Use of the Internet is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the Internet now plays an important social function akin to the neural network system of human beings or an extension of the five senses. If we compare the Internet to the brain activity of humans, sorting functions for the endlessly increasing amounts of information and noise, in other words, information management functions, are indispensable, and the importance of filtering technology providing this infrastructure keeps on growing. At NetSTAR, since the company's establishment, we have been continuously seeking to refine our URL collection and sorting technologies from an original viewpoint placing importance on local information and language culture, and at present, in addition to having achieved the largest share in the industry, we have won the social trust of companies, the government, etc. With regard to our filtering services for mobile phones, which we began working on early on from the viewpoint of social contribution, they have already been adopted by three major domestic mobile network operators, and we have secured a reputation as Japan's leading company for filtering both in name and in substance. NetSTAR's original filtering approach, which emphasizes local information and culture, is being highly valued abroad as well, and in addition to having already broken into China, we envision deployment of URL collection bases in English-speaking countries and throughout the world. Additionally, NetSTAR is also starting to work on new challenges such as added value services developed around filtering technology, and collaborations with partner companies supporting the IT infrastructure development of small- and medium-sized companies.

There is no growth without challenge. Guided by the company's mottos of a "spirit of challenge" and "sustainable growth," NetSTAR will go on further refining our filtering technology and know-how to create an environment in which the world's people can use the Internet safely and efficiently.

The comment about our home page message: The Internet provides nutrition for our brains

Why does NetSTAR treat the Internet as nutrition?
We cannot keep the growth of body without nutrition.
We also cannot keep the growth of brain without information.
But dangerous information cause bad result as dangerous nutrition cause disease.
That is why we must treat the Internet information very carefully as nutrition.
What is the best priority about nutrition?
We think it is safe and beneficial to our health.
What is the best priority about information?
We think it is safe and beneficial to our brain.

The Internet is making a big change to make a human communication easier.
In these days, we usually get the most of information from the Internet.
But is the Internet safe and beneficial?
We would like to keep making a best effort to make the Internet safer and more beneficial for our better life ever after.