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NetSTAR Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "NetSTAR") is to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ALSI"), and our sales and support business will be consolidated and taken over by ALSI.
2013.5.8 Notice of Business Restructuring

Company History

April 2001 Company establishment
September 2001 Began providing URL filtering engines and URL filtering lists for URL filtering products for enterprises. Also began providing Internet usage monitoring software.
March 2003 Began offering URL lists as optional software for access analysis and monitoring tools.
July 2003 Began offering URL list and other technology to value-added search services.
July 2004

NetSTAR’s URL lists had the largest share of the domestic URL filtering product market in 2003 on a value basis, at 30.5%.
(Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute’s 2004 Network Security Business Survey)

February 2005 Began providing URL lists for use in countering spam email on mobile phones.
March 2005 Developed URL filtering technology for client PCs for use in enterprise URL filtering products, and began providing it to all major products.
June 2005 Began providing URL lists for use on access restriction services for mobile phones.
June 2006 Began providing URL filtering lists for routers.
May 2007 Worked on anti-spam measures being promoted by Japan Data Communications Association.
October 2007 Began offering filtering service for the complex café industry.
November 2007 Began URL research operations in Dalien, China.
April 2008 Established the Child Internet Use Research Council jointly with Yahoo! JAPAN.
April 2009 Acquired Information Security Management System ISO27001 certification (ISMS).
May 2010 Expanded access log analysis service to include mobile Internet usage analysis.
June 2010 Increased listing of phishing URLs in cooperation with the Council of Anti-Phishing Japan and JPCERT/CC.
Decmber 2010 Began offering a proprietary browser for company-owned smart devices.
January 2011 Began providing URL lists for service that detects inappropriate sites in mobile affiliate programs.
February 2011 Began providing InCompass SDK, a filtering SDK, for overseas partners.
April 2011 Formed technology tie-up in the security technology field with US-based M.A.D. Partners, LLC.
December 2011 Developed technology for detecting drive-by download attack sites jointly with DTS.
February 2012 Began offering cloud-based integrated security for smart devices. Applications for major products and services