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Aiming to realize a safe and efficient Internet access environment through collaboration with partner companies

NetSTAR supplies its self-developed filtering engines and high-quality URL database to partner companies.
Based on these filtering engines and URL database, partner companies commercialize filtering services for end users, log analysis services, distribution services, search services, etc., realizing improved safety for Internet browsing and more efficient access for companies, organizations, schools, and homes.

Moreover, NetSTAR operates industry-specific unique specialized products and services tailored to the needs of each customer. The company develops and offers solutions for customers, not necessarily insisting on its own technologies, but also through collaborations with suitable partners. These solutions include ones for households, for small- and medium-sized networks, and for the Internet cafe industry.

(1) Self-developed filtering engines

Our URL filter engines, which are essential for high-accuracy access control, have been developed in house. These engine technologies are deployed on Windows, Linux, and Solaris, and they can each be offered as APIs.

(2) Self-operated URL research center

NetSTAR runs a URL collection, sorting, and distribution center that serves as the basis for filtering. At this center, the largest of its kind in Japan, a full-time staff works year round on automatic collection of URLs throughout the world using dedicated tools, and 35 full-time researchers with extensive experience perform URL sorting through visual checks, maintaining the reliability and freshness of our URL databases. The latest databases of category-registered URLs are distributed to customers on a daily basis, and the high reliability of our filtering services are supported through partner companies.

Japan's largest URL list collection, sorting, and distribution system

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NetSTAR, the filtering industry leader

Corporate demand is said to make up the lion’s share of the filtering market in Japan. NetSTAR has an overwhelming share of the corporate market for filtering products. In addition, NetSTAR is recognized for its high performance and low false positive rate, which is why our products are number one among large companies with strict quality requirements, including approximately 60% of regional governments, 40% of central governments, and 40% of the companies in the Nikkei Excellent Company Ranking. (*1) URL filtering for mobile phones was made compulsory by the Internet Control Law, and NetSTAR provides URL lists to all the major mobile phone operators, including NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Softbank Mobile, Wilcom, and e-Mobile.
*1 Based on NetSTAR’s research

FY2015 domestic market for URL filtering products – Share by product

NetSTAR provides safety and peace of mind for the Internet access environment

Internet browsing management

End user access is controlled by filtering engines. We offer technologies that realize fine control based on access policies, including posting regulations for high-risk bulletin boards and blogs, and access blocking to download sites.

Provision of filtering technologies for access management product services
NetSTAR supplies filtering technologies for InterSafe of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. and InterScan WebManager of Trend Micro Incorporated. We support a wide array of filtering services of client type and gateway type for these two companies' products as well as services via ISPs.

Grasp of Internet browsing status by category

By analyzing access logs with URL databases, the access tendencies of individual end users can be grasps in quantitative terms. We offer powerful objective data that helps improve work efficiency and raise morale at companies, etc.

Provision of URL database for access analysis products
As a category option of SurfWatcher at Hammock Corporation, we supply NetSTAR's URL database. By introducing this option, customers can instantly grasp the status of access to undesirable categories.

Supply of URL database to access analysis services
We provide safekeeping of the access logs of corporate customers, analyze the usage statuses of employees, and submit reports. For example, the access analysis service of CANON ELECTRONICS INC. uses NetSTAR's URL database. Detailed reports detailing for example trends (biases) by category can also be submitted.

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NetSTAR makes Internet access convenient and pleasant

Efficient search of desired and wanted information

The filtering engines developed by NetSTAR are applied to make the use of Internet access convenient and pleasant. Combined with the technologies of partner companies, efficient contents distribution, etc., are realized.

Provision of access management technology for controlling contents distribution
NetSTAR's access management technology is supplied along with the IP Intelligence technology of Cyber Area Research Inc. Through this combination, services for the distribution of contents only to users in areas set beforehand are achieved.

Accurate grasp of information needs and distribution

We supply databases of collected and sorted URLs for filtering to partner companies, contents providers, etc., supporting log analysis, search services for end users, mobile phone site sorting and collection, site information provision services, and so on.

Provision of filtering engines and URL databases for realizing search services
NetSTAR provides URL databases for the Shun Word system, a value added search service offered as a service for customers by @nifty, a major Internet service provider. Through the combination with a search engine, an advanced user-friendly service that restricts the display of sites such as undesirable sites, is realized.